A twist on a classic game. Short out every fuse by connecting the two sides of the board to progress to the next level! Can you beat all six boards?

Check out the gameplay video!
Fred the pteranodon is out of control! Help him slow down by crashing into crystals. But be warned, your acceleration is increasing. How long can you last?

Midnight Terrors

Midnight Terrors is a tower defense game in which you defend a child from closet-monsters by strategically placing toys. I was part of its four-person development team, and created the above trailer in addition to doing some of the art and code for the game itself. You can download it on the iOS app store or Google Play.

Procedural Generation Demo Reel

A few clips demonstrating my experimentation with procedurally generated game environments (as of 2014).

Hue Shift

Hue Shift is a puzzle platformer made in one weekend in a team of three for the 2014 Global Game Jam. Certain colored blocks disappear depending on your direction of movement.

3D Scrabble

A three-dimensional version of Scrabble, where the words are built outwards from a central starting block. The traditional score multipliers are represented by floating spheres.